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Ever wondered what it would be like to work as a FIFO chef in the Australian mining scene? It’s a very different lifestyle from the norm. Chef job mines benefits include regular rostered weeks off, competitive casual rates, or full-time salaries. You can also enjoy high-quality facilities with leisure activities for your downtime. Explore these five benefits of working as a chef in the mines. This role could be just the opportunity you need.

1. Income for Chef Jobs Mining Roles

Let’s talk money first. There’s high demand for capable cooks and chefs in the mining industry, and your preferred recruitment agency will sign you up for a competitive pay rate. In addition, weekly payments provide good cash flow into your rising bank balance. Depending upon the specific mining site employer, additional incentive programs may help significantly boost your income during your Fly In Fly Out contracts.

2. Lifestyle with a Difference 

Rostered on weeks can be busy and challenging, working day or night shifts and catering to large groups of mining personnel. However, the amount of leisure time you get from regular rostered weeks off can be significant. If you’re single, this allows plenty of time for travel, hobbies, and other interests. 

Partnered chefs can devote full-time weeks off with their families, something unheard of in typical nine-to-five work patterns. With some planning, chef jobs in mines allow you to achieve family-friendly rostering and a sound work-life balance.

3. Regional and Remote Chef Jobs Mines Let You Explore

Across Australia, there are hundreds of mining sites in regional and remote locations. For example, Western Australia has more than 120 large mining projects and hundreds of small ones. The harsh yet stark beauty of outback landscapes is at your fingertips. Use your downtime to explore towns, tracks, and points of interest with a 4WD. Or travel to beauty spots and tourist locations using travel agencies.

4. Work up a Leisurely Swear with Chef Jobs in Mines

While all mining sites don’t have the same quality of facilities to offer mining villages, the more significant sites offer an impressive range of leisure-based activities. For example, you can expect onsite cinemas at some locations, while access to sports activities is common. Swimming pools keep you fit and cool, while tennis courts and golf courses give outdoor enjoyment. Access to indoor air-conditioned squash courts and gyms will keep you entertained and healthy.

5. Build Your Chef Experience and Open Future Doors

Typically, chef jobs in mines involve catering to large groups of mining personnel over several sit-down shifts. You can expect to work across the full gamut of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals with special occasion meals. It’s a great experience to show on your resume that you can design menus and plan and execute dining for large groups. With some experience in this field, you’ll soon find yourself in high demand for continuing chef mining roles at prestigious sites. And it’s a great experience if you want to move into cooking for fine dining establishments at a later time

Want to find out more?

If the lifestyle and mining village experience sounds attractive to you, get in touch with us at FIFO Chefs. We provide expert advice on chef jobs in the mining industry, with continuing 24/7 support after we’ve placed you in the right position.