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Australia’s abundant natural resources, including sought-after mineral-rich deposits, makes for a thriving mining industry. With hundreds of mines operating across the country, an army-sized workforce needs feeding daily. Chefs at all levels are in high demand, particularly top chefs with experience catering to large groups. See where the best chefs find mining chef jobs today and how to win your next role.

Where are the Best Mining Chef Jobs?

Except for the Australian Capital Territory, every state and territory in the nation has operating mines. Western Australia is the leading mining state, with almost half the number of all mines. This is due to the dominance of the Pilbara region’s iron ore reserves. Other significant mining areas are the:

  • Hunter Valley and Lachlan Fold Belt regions of New South Wales
  • Bowen Basin and Mt Isa regions of Queensland
  • Olympic Dam In SA
  • McArthur River and Tanami regions in the Northern Territory
  • Lachlan Fold Belt and North Central Goldfields regions in Victoria, and
  • Rosebery and Savage River regions in Tasmania.

Many of these mines are in remote, isolated areas without significant nearby towns and cities. As such, their workforces are largely Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO).

FIFO Chefs

Workforce numbers in the mining industry have had strong growth since the early 2000s, with future growth predicted. Naturally, mining chef job numbers are part of this growth sector, and there are plenty of opportunities for chefs across the country.

Work Out Who to Work For and Where

You may find it helpful to do some online research into a few mining companies, the location of their primary sites, and the types of mining chef jobs they offer. BHP, Rio Tinto, Newcrest Mining, Fortescue Metals Group, and Glencore are big players in the mining industry, and they all have multiple mining camps to choose from.

Most of their chef, cook, and utility worker roles are directly handled by specialist labour hire and recruitment agencies. It pays to know what mining camp location works best for you to land your desired job. For instance, do you need to be close to family, or will your adventurous spirit happily travel to remote locales?

You may not immediately get the site you’re after, but you can handball this to your selected job agents. Let them place you on waiting lists, chase up new opportunities, or find you interim work.

What to Look for in a FIFO Chef Pay Package

Overall, the mining industry tends to pay above-average rates, but besides competitive salaries, there are other enticing benefits attracting chefs to the mining industry. The core of salary packaging should include free airfares, accommodation, and meals, giving significant income savings. Make sure you inquire about any rewards programs as well.

Find the Best Mining Chef Jobs Now!

At FIFO Chefs, our highly experienced team has strong insight into the reality of working in remote mining locations. With our knowledge of industry players and employment opportunities, we’ll guide you through the job search, application, interview, and placement steps. Let us help you select the chef opportunities most suited to your skillset and negotiate the best pay and benefits package for you.