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We can’t help you with your love life, but we’ll help you find the perfect job match for your skills and experience. Using our team of experts, your strengths will be assessed and you’ll be matched with a role that makes the most of them.

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Their team of experts will ensure that you’re provided with all the resources, requirements, training and qualifications you need to thrive in your new position and be fully prepared by the time your job begins.

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What’s great about our consultants is that we’ll stay in touch with you even after you’re employed. We want to make sure you’re doing well and offer support if you need it. So if you ever feel lost or unsure, we’re here to help!

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Contact us or submit your CV and you’re one step closer to finding the perfect role – then we’ll make sure the logistics are sorted so you can just focus on being amazing.

We have the inside scoop on who’s looking for a change, who’s open to new opportunities, and who has the skills and experience you need. So whether you’re looking for your next great hire or your next great opportunity, you’ve come to the right place.

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Some benefits of FIFO work

  • Friends for life
  • Higher income
  • Routine & ability to establish good habits
  • Be proud of an honest days work
  • Opportunity to travel
  • Facilities including recreation room, gym, bingo & community events

There are many types of jobs you could have, depending on your qualifications and interests. Below are some examples of the jobs you could have and duties involved.

Kitchen Hand

Duties include cleaning pots and dishes, cleaning the kitchen and dining areas, assisting cooks and chefs with food preparation, replenishing stock and other tasks as required.

Bar & Retail

Duties include serving customers, replenishing stock, cash handling and other tasks as required.

Head Chef

Duties include controlling and directing the food preparation process, plan orders of equipment or ingredients according to identified shortages, oversee the work of subordinates and other tasks as required.

Don’t wait to get paid

Switch to a better payroll system with us. Our self-service payroll system is the easiest way to get your money on time, every time. Quickly and easily log your timesheets, expenses, leave and compliance documents. Plus, our transparency policy means you can always check on the status of your payment.

So say goodbye to waiting around for your money, and switch to a system that puts you first.